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CALL Learner Guide

Participants in CALL learning events are required to fill out an LSTA evaluation survey (sent separately). The following learner guide, however, is for your personal use and is intended to encourage you to take what you have learned, apply it, and share it when relevant.

REFLECTING on the training:
  1. What are some insights you have from this training?
  2. What did you know about this topic prior to the training? How did the training help you take this knowledge to the next level?
  3. What did you learn that surprised you?
  4. What do you want to learn more about?
APPLYING what you learned:
  1. How might you implement what you learned in your work or personal life?
  2. What challenges might you experience when implementing what you learned? What are some strategies you can use to address these challenges?
  3. List three next steps you will take based on what you learned in this training. What is your timeline for completing these?
  4. Consider how your next steps might impact the people you work with. What are some strategies you can use to create buy-in?
  1. How might you share what you learned with others – within or outside of your organization?
  2. How can you connect with your fellow learners to keep a conversation going after the training and continue to learn from each other?
Check out the next page for SHARING & CONNECTING ideas

IDEAS for sharing out your learnings and connecting with fellow learners:

Create a list of highlights from the training, for example:

  1. The most important things you learned
  2. Practical tips and takeaways
  3. Things that surprised you or made you think differently about this topic
  4. Ideas for applying what you learned within libraries
  5. Questions this training has led you to ask
Use your list as the basis for sharing what you learned by:

  • Sending it in an email to relevant coworkers
  • Posting to a relevant listserv
  • Facilitating a discussion with interested coworkers or colleagues outside of your organization
  • Arranging a virtual meetup with fellow learners
  • Doing a presentation for coworkers during a meeting, lunch, or staff day
  • Collaborating with fellow learners to do a conference presentation or webinar about how you implemented what you learned
Social Media
  • Using a topic-appropriate #HASHTAG to connect with fellow learners
  • Hosting a Twitter chat to connect with library staff near and far
  • Posting it on your library’s social media accounts (if the topic is relevant to the public)
  • Draft a post for the CALL Academy blog and contact the Project Manager Lisa Barnhart at